Why we won't be returning for the new season...

The new Scottish football season is nearly upon us. Actually, if you include the preliminary stages of the League Cup, then we’re already well and truly back in action. 

As such, we felt that we had to quickly explain what our plans were for the forthcoming season before it was too late. 

Some eagle-eyed readers may have noted that our last post at the end of last season stated that we would be back on July 12. We’ve blown right by that return date and, unfortunately, there are some notable reasons for that. 

Like most people, our personal situations have changed wildly over the course of the pandemic. For myself, that has meant going from working full-time at a national broadcaster and covering Scottish football on a daily basis, to moving into a freelance position and now spending less and less time watching and analysing the Scottish Premiership. 

Anyone that follows me on Twitter may have noted that over the course of the last six months my work - and therefore my focus - has pivoted back to covering the German Bundesliga on a full-time basis. Quite simply, I no longer have the time or opportunities to cover Scottish football as I did when we (re)launched the website last year. 

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one in our team that has seen their situation change quite dramatically. My colleague and podcast host, Niall Murray, has also stepped away from the Scottish media landscape to work in PR and has also seen the time he can put aside to follow Scottish football drop significantly. 

As such, we’ve spent much of the summer trying to put together a plan that would allow the website to continue functioning without myself or Niall running things from day to day. And while Andrew, James and others are all still passionate about the project, we just couldn’t find a way to keep offering the same number of podcasts and articles we’ve been putting together for the last 10 months. 

Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have to confirm that TheTwoPointOne won’t be coming back next season. For anyone with a paid subscription, we’ll be cancelling your accounts - which have been frozen since May - and there should be no further charges at all. 

As depressing as it is to publish this post, there’s certainly confidence to be taken from the fact that new publications and websites seem to be popping up on a weekly basis to cover Scottish football and there’s no doubt that football fans in this country have never had more to read, watch and listen to. 

When we first launched TheTwoPointOne in 2017 we did so because there was a notable lack of analytical and, frankly, grown-up debate and coverage of Scottish football. In the past four years that has changed dramatically and we’re now simply one outlet in a crowded market of like-minded writers, podcasts and video producers. 

That’s not to say we may never return. As I mentioned above, Andrew, James and other writers involved with the website are still passionate about putting together a plan in the future and the website may return in some form or another down the line.

All that’s left to say is that the support we’ve received from subscribers over the past 10 months has been nothing short of remarkable and from the bottom of our hearts we can only say thank you. And enjoy the new season! 

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