We'll be taking a short summer break after this week

Here at TheTwoPointOne we’ve always tried to pride ourselves on one, simple rule: quality over quantity. 

It’s that golden rule that ensures that we put all of our effort into one article (or podcast) a day, tend to focus on one main topic in our shows rather than pay lip-service to every club every week and definitely don’t spam our website with click-bait articles. 

That rule also means that we only cover specific topics, teams or tournaments if we feel as though we can honestly offer something different for Scottish football fans. And that’s exactly why we’re going to take a break for the next six weeks. 

Rather than stretch beyond our comfort zones and cover the coming European Championships, we feel as though we’d best serve you, dear reader, by enjoying a short break and coming back strong for the new season. 

We’ll certainly be leaving you in capable hands. Whether it’s PureFitbaw’s team-by-team preview podcasts to the tournament, A View From The Terrace’s visual delights from the tournament, The Tartan Scarf’s detailed coverage of the national team, Anyone’s Game’s coverage of SWPL 2 through the summer or the excellent writing you’ll undoubtedly be able to continue enjoying from James, Euan and Andrew at the Herald, Daily Record and BBC Scotland respectively, there will be plenty for Scottish football fans to sink their teeth into. 

After this week’s extra podcast on Friday, we’ll be taking a six-week break and will return on Monday, July 12th with extensive team-by-team previews of the coming season and much, much more. 

Rest assured that we won’t be taking a penny from you while we’re away. On Friday we’ll freeze all paid subscriptions and won’t unfreeze them until July 12th. In that period you won’t be charged at all and if you have any issues you can always respond to this email or contact me on Twitter.

With that all out the way, all that’s left for me to say is a huge thank you to all of our subscribers for their support through a crazy but undoubtedly remarkable season. It has been our pleasure to cover Scottish football over the last 10 months and we’re still incredibly humbled by your continued interest and belief in what we do. 

We can’t wait to return in mid-July to start all over again. We’ll see you then! 

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