Scottish football is as weird as it is wonderful but even the most ardent supporters of our national sport will admit that when it comes to online coverage of the SPFL and Scottish national team there’s a lot of unnecessary noise.

In an attempt to offer something a little different, we provide two podcasts and four newsletters every week that hopefully do exactly that.

They won’t be long, tiresome essays that you’ll never get round to reading nor will they be short, click-bait articles designed to trick or enrage you. Just engaging writing that will steal no more than 5-10 minutes of your time on the morning commute to work or before you kick off your Saturday plans.

Our podcasts will follow a similar theme. Any subscribers to our regular podcast will hopefully know that we strive to tackle stand-alone issues with clarity and purpose without rambling on. The extra podcast will hopefully consist of fun interviews with players and coaches as well as in-depth, long-form features and projects that we can’t do on the regular podcast. 

Signing up to a free subscription will mean you’ll receive a considered column on the most important stories in Scottish football every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.

Signing up to a paid subscription will offer all of the content that we’ve mentioned above, plus an extra newsletter every Monday and podcast every Friday morning. You’ll also have access to our “threads” - a fun Substack feature - which we’ll be using to allow readers to discuss and debate previous columns or interviews with our writers and even suggest future ones too.

Why should I pay for a subscription?

Substack offers a simple and clean platform to write and talk about Scottish football without harassing people with intrusive advertising pop-ups upon every visit but it also allows us to set up an easy and safe way for people to help support what we do. 

As you’ll hopefully be able to see, we’ve made the clear decision to make the majority of our content free for readers and listeners to enjoy every week. That’s because we’re hoping to rely on the support of those readers and listeners rather than force them over a paywall. 

Paid subscribers will get plenty of extra content and perhaps even a few perks along the way but we certainly don’t want to deceive or trick anyone in to thinking they need to pay to see what we’re doing here. If you can’t donate, that’s fine. If you can, that’s perfect.

For £3 ($5 is the minimum Substack allows) a month you would be making a huge difference and going a long way to supporting what we’re trying to do. 

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